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All orders come with a bowl of    @Ton-jiru(Miso Soup)
You may have free refills on Rice

Beef Cutlets

We fry it for only a short time, about twenty to thirty seconds
to make the meat medium-rare

1800 Yen

Pork Cutlets

We keep pork loin in the refrigerator for a couple of days
to mature the meat. Then we fry it to a crisp

1650 Yen

Sauteed Pork

We sautee a chunky piece of Boston butt with butter and soy sauce.
Would you like it with garlic, too?

1800 Yen

Hamburg Steak

The pot of hamburg steaks and demiglace sauce is kept
in hot water. The meat never gets dry but always juicy.

1150 Yen

Fried Pork on a skewer

Duet of Fried Pork and Onion.

1100 Yen
Single : 350 Yen

Fried Prawn

We tenderly fry prawn so that it won't lose the flavor

1700 Yen

Meat Omlette@

To make it really soft, our Omellet is cooked
so swiftly over a high flame

1100 Yen

Curry and Rice

Pork meat in our Curry is the same
as high quality meat of Pork Cutlets
900 Yen

Hayashi Rice
Hashed Beef with Rice

Our Demiglace sauce is simmered for days
until it thickens and becomes tasty

1400 Yen

Special Dishes limited 10 per day
inserted by FC2 system